Monday, July 19, 2010

Hera's New Beer-A Contest

I am working on the second of the Hera Knightsbridge mysteries. Hera has informed me that she wants to craft another beer, but is undecided whether it should be a a lager or an ale. Go to my webpage and click on beer to find out what beers Hera already has in her brewbarn. There is a description of each of her four brews. What beer do you think she should create? A light, clean lager or a foamy, complex ale?
Help develop Hera's next brew by deciding whether it will be a lager or an ale, but, more importantly, give it a name. If I choose your name for the beer, I'll send you a free copy of A Deadly Draught, autographed to you or anyone you choose. The contest will end on August 30. Post your ideas below or send them to me


  1. Since Hera already has three light colored brews and one medium dark, I'm thinking she needs an even darker one. Of course, that could be my bias, since I favor darker ales.

    How about a truly dark one -- suggest it could be called Midnight Magic.

    Kari Wainwright

  2. I WOULD NAME YOUR NEXT BREW... "Southern Sass" and I see it as a light ale with a twist of something - maybe lemon/lime.

    Writing to you from boiling hot Stuart, FL where a cold one would be nice right now..
    Mary Lou Ryan

  3. I think Hera needs something dark and sweet.
    I'll cast my vote for a Stout named Sweet Bertha. (Bertha is a name that I associate with a stout woman.) Or make it a Chocolate Stout and call it Montezuma, after the Aztec emperor who supposedly drank nothing but a chocolate drink.

  4. Hera clearly needs to brew a truly hoppy India Pale Ale. Here are some name suggestions:

    Hoppin' Hera's IPA
    Spruce Ridge IPA
    Hera's Hopped Up IPA
    Hopsbridge IPA
    A Knight in Shining Hops IPA

    Edith Maxwell

    (edithmax at gmail)

  5. Keep the ideas coming. These are great! Lesley

  6. In spending time driving around upstate New York this summer, I was most impressed with the winding bodies of clean water that I passed. How about a light ale called, Clear Creek. Think, too, of the play on words you could take advantage of when someone was ordering their fourth, fifth or even sixth Clear Creek. It's a real tongue twister, especially if your faculties have been compromised.

  7. The perfect name for a light ale, but only college keggers would be disrespectful enough of a hand craft beer to drink more than one or two, right?!!!!!