Monday, July 25, 2011

A day to curl up with a good book

Okay, so she's not really reading it, but she doesn't mind leaning against it, so it can't be that bad!

This morning was cloudy.  By noon we got rain, a real downpour, although we could use more.  I thought I'd never say that after all the rain in May and early June.

The second Hera Knightsbridge Mystery

Good news.  I signed a contract with Mainly Murder Press for the second Hera Knightsbridge master brewer story.  The tentative title is Poisoned Pairings, and it focuses on pairing beer and food, and, oh yes, murder.  It is set against the backdrop of the controversial procedure for extracting natural gas from shale, a process called "fracking" or hydraulic fracturing.  Water and other chemicals are introduced into the shale layer under pressure to break it up and release the gas.  Unfortunately, there is evidence to suggest it may pollute well water as well as introduce carcinogenic chemicals into streams and waterways.  The release date for the book is May, 2012.  I'll keep everyone updated on it.  I'm very excited its being published.  Many readers have asked if a second one was coming out so here you are.  I'll post snippits of it here in the near future to entice you.

Food and Brews

For those of you who are interested in cooking with beer or like the idea of pairing beer and food and are off on vacations soon, take a look at the right hand side of this bog where I've listed cities where you can tap into places featuring great food and excellent brews.  Click on one of them, and you'll be sent to a site providing you with information about pubs, breweries, restaurants, and events featuring food and beer.  There are recipes also.

Countdown to Motorcycle Widowhood: Murder on Route 66 hits the road

The cowboy is off on his book promotion trip, leaving around the middle of August.  He left the date open.  I hope he doesn't think he can sneak off, not with those pipes!  If you live in the southwest or anywhere near Roue 66 and hear a roaring in the distance, that's him riding by.  Give him a wave and wish him well.  Send me some cyber scotch in which to drown my loneliness. 


  1. Hiya ... am sending Glenn my best Bon Voyage for the vrrooom-vroooom Book Tour, and you a cyber-bottle of Scotch. Take care, y'all!

  2. Wow.. congrats on third book deal!!
    Will try to visit in August and will be sorry to miss Glenn if he's on the road, but will look forward to seeing him later on in FL.
    Best, Mary Lou

  3. Hey Posse Member
    great meeting you
    I love the way you speak, just like I'm sittin in front of you


  4. Glenn and I both thanks you for your encouragement and keep that cyber scotch comin'!