Sunday, May 27, 2012

Cats Rule! (or at least they think so)

Today I continue to feature our pets, the ones who own us, live with us, love us and make our lives better in so many ways. Animal communicator Karen Wrigley has generously allowed me to use one of the stories from her newsletters on my blog.  I hope you enjoy it.   

Karen is a well known animal communicator who has helped countless people and their pets— both nationally and internationally—with the process of communication, healing, and growth.  She has been featured as an expert in her field in numerous newspapers and publications, and  in the USA Today article titled, “Psychics Help Pet Owners Get a New Leash on Life”.  She has also appeared on several radio talk shows across the country including the very popular “Animal Talk” hosted by Dr. Marty Becker, author of Healing Power of Pets.  She is the author of Beyond Woofs and Whinnies.  

You can learn more about Karen's work by going to her website

Karen and Griz, her Lippizaner

Chester Black Cat
In life, some things look certain, yet are they?
He came running across my mother’s yard from the corn field the day after my father’s memorial. The grandkids named him Chester Black after their grandfather, James Chester Page. Originally my father’s name was Chester James, until his grandfather asked his grandson to change his first name to James, after him. Father’s reward was $10. For a young boy, it seems to me, it would take courage to change one’s given first name, yet father did. He bought a new bicycle giving him freedom to travel the country roads.
In life, some things may look certain, yet are they?
The grandkids carried Chester Black around their necks, held him like a baby, and came running when called. He told me he was a good mouser. I responded with a “thumbs up” attitude, and to show proof, would help his cause in staying. The next day a mouse was found by the front porch.
After family left, my mother and I, mostly I, were now attending to Chester Black’s needs. He was de-wormed, given quality cat food, and on a daily basis I worked with him to maintain his gentle nature. My mother thought he was sent to her for a reason. But, as the days went by, mother could not endear herself to Chester Black. She was perplexed why not, until a light bulb went on in her head. Throughout her life she had been a caretaker of elderly people and five children. She did not want more responsibility, including the needs of a cat.
With mother’s found understanding, I told Chester Black we were going to plan B, to find him another home. Chester Black Cat stayed calm and collected with this information. In fact, he helped me when I became concerned about his future, and continued to purr.
A few days later, Tracey, a childhood neighbor friend, spoke of her mother Treva, and how she wanted an animal to love and could use a good mouser. I believe Chester Black knew this, for I found a mouse at the back door on the deck where Treva would be sitting later that day.
When Treva sat in her chair I boasted of Chester Black’s catch. At that moment Chester Black came from the shrubs, walked past my mother and me over to Treva, and jumped into her lap. He purred and kneaded with his shiny black paws without using his claws. Treva petted and cooed. Chester jumped down, walked over to my mother, rubbed against her, licked her foot, and gave her a look of goodbye. He then sauntered back to Treva and jumped back into her lap. He turned his head, our eyes met, and in that second he brought me back to when he told me life works out when you let it.
Treva took Chester Black home that day. He now resides down a lane with barns to explore and mice to catch. Treva is madly in love and Chester Black is one happy cat.
Mother had been saying “yes” to others most of her life. All said to her this is the perfect cat for you, and was brought to her at a time and way that seemed magical. And it was, but not in the way we expected. Chester Black gave Mother an opportunity to say “no” to others, and “yes” to herself. This act took courage. Mother has always been a yes person. My spry mother at 83 years old now has her freedom to travel the road she chooses, and Chester Black found his perfect home.
In life, some things may look certain, yet are they?
Chester Black expresses:  Be true to you, with faith, and life will be better than your own expectations. Mouse anyone?
A while back I was in a communication with a lady who took in a young dog needing a home 17½ years ago.  The dog asked his person why she took him in. The short version―others thought she should. It took six years for them to bond and become friends. He told her at that time in her life she believed life was difficult, and so he fulfilled her belief system.
My mother at one time attracted those that were in need or needing tending to, and enjoyed doing so. But now she realizes she is ready for a change. Are you?

You can read more of Karen's newsletters on her website and order her book there.

And, well, what story about a cat is complete without the picture of a cat.  My cat Marley insisted on standing in for all cats this week. He looks so regal here, just after he has done something bad probably.                         


  1. This lady is great. I hope she can visit my friend's farm and see his cows so that she can give advice.

    1. Thank you. I am blessed in being able to give the animals a voice. 95% of my communications are over the phone. More information is on my website given above.
      PS...cows are cool critters.

  2. What a great story! I'm a cat lover, "mother" of Boris, a California-born tabby, brought here as a kitten 13 years ago. He's put up with other cats and with dogs, but he's been king of the house for the last two years and he knows it.

    1. Chester's story has touched many. His new person thinks she rules but we know Chester does!


  3. Lovely and heartwarming story. I think it is wonderful that the animals talk to you and that you listen.