Sunday, July 22, 2012

That's done!

 My next door neighbor reminded me the other day that when the creek flooded last year and washed away my backyard that something good would come of all the water.  She was right.  A week ago while we were sipping wine in the Finger Lakes, a crew came in and began reconstructing our stream bank.  They stacked about 200 tons of boulders on the bank to shore it up and filled in with smaller rocks.   
The machine and the guys who made the stream bank sound again
 After tearing up most of our yard, they reseeded the area and now grass is coming in.  It looks beautiful.  Leveling the yard and the artistry of setting those boulders just so gives us a beautiful view of the creek with no fear the ground might let go under our feet.  The mayor stopped by in the middle of the construction and apologized for the noise.  I told him it was music to my ears.  The creek may, and probably will flood again, but it’s not likely those boulders can be moved from their position.  No more property erosion.
A different view of our stream now
 We topped off the week of stream bank renovation with the village community yard sale day on Saturday.  To sell my old earrings (of which I have soooooo many), I clipped each pair to one of my business cards.  Buyers commented on the cards, saying it was a clever way to advertize my books.  We’ll see if it brings in any future sales.  Hubby and I both set up a display of our books and we sold a few.  Most people were looking for fifty cent used paperbacks, but we persuaded some to purchase ours.

As for the kitchen renovation, I wish I could tell you we finished that also, but not so.  Glenn finished getting in our new floor and is now assembling the cabinets.  To complete the floor he had to remove both the sink and the stove.  Of course they went into the yard sale as we’ve purchased new ones.  They didn’t sell.  Anyone out there need a used stove and stainless sink?
That's all folks!

Next week?  Finish the cabinets, put in stove, sink, and dishwasher.  Yea.  A dishwasher.   Someday I’ll have a new kitchen.  Glenn told me not having a sink was just “a minor inconvenience.”  I may write a short story with that title.  In it the husband gets killed for uttering that phrase.


  1. Once a year we have a giant garage sale here in our little town. Next year, I'll have to remember the earring/card trick.
    You could use the "minor inconvenience" line has your first sentence! We sold our house and moved into a condo a few fews ago. At first, I was delighted with all the extra time not having to take care of a house and yard. Now I miss it. Are we ever satisfied?
    Enjoyed your post, Lesley.

  2. We want to leave where we are, then we wish we were back there or someplace else. People yearn for the other, don't we?

  3. Here in the desert heat, with humidity because it rained last night, I can't help but look at your pictures and feel refreshed. I'm glad things are working out for you! What a tremendous view.

  4. I see you found another way to distribute your cards. Good one. I'm also glad to hear you got your yard back. A friend here lost half his yard in our flood last September and his isn't coming back.
    I like that story idea, too. But why do the husbands always have to be the victim?

    1. They're the victims cuz they say the dumbest things, that's why!

  5. I'm with John - I like the title, but why the husband? It's high time the butler did it!

  6. I love your idea for a story, "A Minor Inconvenience." Husband utters that phrase and wife plots how she will kill him. I had a few of those Aha moments when I was married too! :)

  7. Hi Lesley,

    Your garden looks BEAUTIFUL! Are you on the Finger Lakes or just nearby? My former husband owns a B&B in Hector called Magnolia Place. Maybe you know it? His sister and her beau run it. It's lovely.

    Don't let a missing kitchen sink cause you to commit murder. Be more like me-- good at making reservations!

  8. Hubby knows I'd never murder him. Who would I get to finish the kitchen?

  9. Here in the midwest our grass is brown at the rain in quiet a while and 103 degrees today. Your yard looks beautiful...I miss mowing the grass.

  10. Sounds like you live in a beautiful place and that you're making it even more beautiful, with Glenn's help. Yes, make sure he finishes the kitchen before you dispense with him.

  11. Who needs a sink anyway? For that matter who needs a toilet and a shower? Yeah, right.

    We have a community yard sale once a year and I missed it due to being on vacation. I dearly needed that yard sale. Looks like I'm going to have to try Ebay and throw some things on Craig's List.

    Wrote By Rote