Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Real Life Hera

Above: That's me, Alysha, Glenn, and a happy book buyer at Orlando Brewing.

On Wednesday Glenn and I traveled to Orlando, but not to see Disney.  We went for a book signing at Orlando Brewing.  This was not just a regular old signing, but one where I had the opportunity to connect again with one of the first brewers I interviewed for A Deadly Draught.  Since that first visit, Ed Canty and I have become friends.  Not only has he been kind and beyond patient in his willingness to answer all my brewing questions, but he's read several of the chapters in my new book about Hera Knightsbridge and given me great technical input.

That first day at Orlando Brewing when Ed was showing Glenn and me around the place (our own private brewery tour), I met Ed's apprentice and told Alysha, "You look just like my Hera."  And she did.  Alysha is tall, slender, and has plenty of woman muscle as I imagined Hera did.  I didn't have the opportunity to get to know her at that time, but on Wednesday night she came to the signing with Ed.  It gave us the chance to reconnect and to talk for the evening and to begin our friendship.   For more information about Orlando Brewing, go to  Orlando Brewing is Florida's the only certified organic brewery and brews in accordance with the German Purity Law of 1516.


  1. How fun to meet one of your own characters in the flesh! I wonder if this will ever happen to me.

  2. Now I need to meet my Biscuit McKee...

    I've truly enjoyed learning from your brewery adventure(s).